Your Next Step

All of us are on a spiritual journey, but we are at different places on that journey.  Some of us want to move quickly from observer to mature disciple.  Some of us even do two steps at once!  However, others take it slow and take their time between the steps.  These people look at each step as a big commitment and want to make sure that they are ready.  This section of the site is designed to help you decide when you are ready for the next step at Westland and what to do when you are ready.  If you feel like you are ready for the next step, go to that page, and make the leap.  Here is a simple breakdown of the five steps.

1) Observe – Become a guest of the church to get a feel for us and decide if you want to become an owner of the church.  Some people move on to the next step after one service, but others take months.  There is no set time frame.

2) Get baptized – Some churches lump Baptism together with membership, but we believe that you should be baptized as soon as you make a commitment to Christ.  In the Bible people were Baptized as soon as a commitment was made.

3) Become an owner – This is the step where you become a member of the church.

4) Become a disciple – Find a small group and start living the Christian life with others.

5) Become a minister – As a Christian you are a part of the “priesthood of the believers.”  Find a place to serve and work for God in ministry.

We realize that sometimes these steps will be in a different order.  For example, you might enter the church as someone who was invited to a small group, so step four becomes step one!  Don’t worry, this process is meant to be flexible.  It simply serves as a guide to those who are wanting to know what the next step might be on their journey with Christ.