Worship starts at 10:30 and the keyword for worship at Westland is variety!  Many churches separate people based on styles or preferences, (which sometimes means age) but we don’t do that. We have a praise team that plays the best modern worship music, but we also throw in some of the great hymns and music from the past.  Every Sunday is different and unique.  Also, most churches have a specific routine that they do over and over again, but we work hard to keep worship from becoming routine. We don’t believe in a set schedule that you do 52 weeks a year. We just go where we feel like God is guiding us on that particular week. Each week has its own theme and you never really know what to expect! Don’t go somewhere, where you, your spouse, your teenagers, or your kids get bored! Worship should never be boring, but should always be exciting! Our people never have to make themselves go to church. We look forward to Sunday mornings! Join us next week.