Westland Wired

Westland Wired is a modern nighttime worship experience.  The service features a special band, modern preaching, and a casual atmosphere.  To keep the atmosphere laid back worship takes place in our new worship center inside the gymnasium.  Feel free to bring your favorite non-alcoholic beverage or try some of our coffee.

This service is for those who want meaningful and powerful worship, but do not want to schedule their whole weekend around it.  Feel free to come straight from an afternoon Titans game, or in your baseball or soccer uniform, or straight from the campground where you just spent the night.  We want to provide you with a powerful way to end your weekend and to help you get focused on the week to come.

We call it wired for many reasons.  First, because the band will be wired!  Second, because we want you to be plugged in with each other as worshipers, and finally because our goal is to become wired to Christ and His Word.  We want to plug you into the Savior who created you!

If you have a teenager, our youth has a fun activity the hour before the service starting at 5:30.  They meet in the gym.  Come and see what Wired is about next Sunday!  It starts at 6:30!  See you there!