Our Values

We value the Bible as the Word of God

We believe that God’s word is true and timeless.  We stand firm where it stands firm and stay flexible where it stays flexible.  God’s Word is our guide, authority and conscience in everything that we do.

We value the commands of Jesus

We place an emphasize on the direct commands that were given by Jesus.  These include the commands to love one another, to go and bring others to Him, to remember him through Holy Communion, to Baptize, and to make disciples.  These are the things that were important to Jesus, therefore they are important to us.

We value pursuing the uncommitted

Jesus proved that lost people matter to God, therefore, they matter to us.  Jesus came to seek and save the lost and as His hands and feet in this world it is now our job to seek them.  We commit to pursue the uncommitted both corporately and individually.

We value being grounded in grace

We acknowledge that we are all dependent on the goodness and grace of God.  From the pastor on down, we have all had problems, and made mistakes.  We have all benefited from God’s forgiving grace and therefore we value extending that same grace to others.

We value prayer

We value praying like someone is really listening!  We believe that God acts because of prayer.  The attitude and action of prayer is essential to everything we do.  We pray for each other, for the church, and for the community.  We believe that our prayers can help change the world.

We value innovation and diversity in worship

The Bible does not tell us to only use certain types of music, or certain methods of communication, or certain sermon outlines.  Therefore we work to make worship as innovative and diverse as possible to create an environment where more people might experience God in different ways.  We do this while being careful to never leave the parameters set up by the Bible.  We understand that by doing this every person will not be happy with every detail, but somewhere in the service, each person will find something that connects them to God, whether it be through media, music, preaching, liturgy, or Holy Communion.  The creation reveals a Maker that is unimaginably creative and artistic. We want to reflect Him.  It is natural for us to be creative since we are made in the image of a creative God.

We value big church excellence in a small church culture

As we continue to grow we strive to maintain the “small church feel” from our past.  We value an environment where everyone is greeted with a friendly smile, where everyone is treated like a personal friend, and where church feels like a home away from home.  However, we insist on a level of excellence that you will only find at a larger church. Therefore we attempt to have the best of both worlds:  A big church experience with a small church feel!

We value discipleship

Jesus not only commanded us to reach the world, but to work to create disciples.  We are focused on helping each other become more Christ-like by using small groups and creating relationships of accountability and spiritual growth.  Life change happens best in relationships with others.  We value members being a part of the Westland community and work to create many opportunities to help members bond with other members.  Together, we help each other become disciples of Christ.

We value ministry by members

At Westland, the pastor is simply the guide.  Ministry and service is carried out by everyone.  Every person was created with gifts that they can use to serve God.  Our gifts and spiritual maturity determine where the best place is to serve.  As Christians we are the, “priesthood of the believers.”  There is a place where every one of us can work to build God’s kingdom.  We value working to identify the gifts in the people God sends us.

We value Truth

We value bringing our brains to church with us.  It’s OK to think, wonder, ask, explore, and even challenge.  Truth can handle it.  So can we.  We encourage thoughtful exploration and we will seek to meet it with respect, grace, honesty and intelligence.