10:30 Traditional Worship

Traditional Worship

At 10:30 we have a traditional, yet blended worship service.  Worship always includes congregational hymn singing, prayer, Scripture reading, and a message.  The service is traditional, but great care is taken to make sure that nothing becomes routine.  The keyword to our traditional service is variety.  The musical variety of this service includes hymn singing, choral responses, anthems sung by the Westland Choir, handbell music played by the Handbell Choir, solos by our worship leader, and an occasional song contributed by our 8:30 praise band.  Nothing becomes stale.

If you love blended, but traditional worship you will love this service.  Join us next week!  Be our guest!  You will not be singled out in any way while you are here.  Just come in, find a seat, and relax.  We hope to see you next Sunday morning at 10:30!