These are my people!

Churches are full of messed up people!  Trust me, I know, because I’m the pastor, and I’m one of those messed up people! We’re all unique, we all have issues, we all have quirks, and if we admit it, we’re all a little messed up. But when you put us together the church is awesome!  And no matter how messed up we might be we still love each other!

In the new series called “These are my people,” Pastor Tim will be talking about how important it is to have a church family.  Life was never meant to be lived alone. God does not expect us to try to follow him by ourselves. We cannot be the people that Jesus wants us to be in isolation.  In the church, we hold each other up, we are there for each other when needed, and we use the unique gifts that God has given us to serve Christ together.

Join us for three special Sundays in the heat of the summer!  Be our guest and find out what church is all about!