Special Sunday Service

This Sunday we will have our next Baptism Sunday.  Our last Baptism Sunday just occurred on January 3rd, but we already have enough people ready for Baptism that we need to have another one!  Praise God for our growth and for the people who are making public commitments to Christ!

So this Sunday we will only have one worship service at 10:30.  It will be in the gymnasium.  The worship stage will be set up in the gym, the band will be there, and we will have plenty of folding chairs throughout the gymnasium.  We will have special padded chairs for our older members and people who have trouble sitting in folding chairs.

If you have never visited Westland then this is a GREAT Sunday to visit for the first time and to see what God is doing here.  There is no pressure to do anything.  Just watch and enjoy.  However, if you have visited before then this might be the perfect Sunday for you to take the plunge and become a member.  I hope to see you there!