Meet Our Pastors

Lead Pastor:  Tim Palmer


Recently, someone said that “Tim might be a little crazy, but in a really good way!” Tim is a passionate preacher who uses humor, emotion, wit, props, videos, and anything else he can find, to bring the Word of God to  life.  There is never a dull moment during his messages.

Tim is passionate about Christian apologetics, which is defending the truth behind the Christian faith.  He is dedicated to sharing the truth that is waiting to be found in Scripture.  In his down time, Tim runs a website at that focuses on Christian apologetics.

Tim is excited about the wonderful growth that God has brought to Westland Church and is praying for more!  His favorite saying is, “The Future is Bright!”  Join us on Sunday morning to see why the future of Westland is so bright.

Daniel Tribble:  Worship Pastor

Daniel is a recent engineering graduate from Tennessee Tech who is also gifted at engineering a worship service. He spent three years at one of the largest churches in Cookeville before moving back to his hometown of Lebanon. Daniel is extremely gifted musically and uses those gifts to serve Christ by leading the musical part of worship. He makes sure that every worship service is unique. Worship never becomes a routine where you always know what’s coming next. We are blessed to have him as a part of our Westland family.

Mandy Rogers:  Youth Pastor

Mandy has been leading the Westland Church youth ministry since 2012.  Under her leadership the youth program has more than tripled in size and continues to grow.  She is passionate about growing closer to Jesus and helping youth and young adults grow in Christian discipleship.  She has a heart for helping teenagers and young adults find Christ for the very first time and then strives to help them grow as disciples.