Life Groups

The Christian Life was never meant to be walked alone!

As Christians we should not be isolated.  Instead, we should be a part of a community of believers.  This happens during worship every Sunday morning when we join together as one, but there is more to Christian fellowship then worship.  We are called to love one another and form relationships with other Christians. As the years pass there is nothing like the bond of a small group.  Christians who go to worship on Sunday morning, but never get involved in a small group are missing out on a lot that Christ wants to give us.  life groups are discipleship groups where you will grow spiritually with each other, support each other, and learn together.

What can you expect in a life group?

In a life group you will meet with 5 to 10 other people who you will grow with spiritually.  These groups share fellowship together, social outings, ministry work, Bible study, friendship, and are there for each other when life throws someone a curveball.  There is nothing like having a group of Christians who will drop what they are doing to pray for you anytime something happens in your life.  That is what church is all about.  We are all on a spiritual journey and the journey is much more fulfilling when you are sharing it with others.

How are groups assigned?

Periodically, a notice is given that new groups are forming.  At a certain date the pastor takes the names and information of all of the people interested in joining a group and divides them into groups based on a number of things, such as age, marital status, children, location, and so on.  The more people who are joining the easier it will be to place you with others who are in similar life situations.

When and where do groups meet?

Each group meets at a different place at a different time.  There are many choices.  Groups can choose to rotate homes to meet in, they can meet at the church, they can meet at a local restaurant, or anywhere else.  When the group is formed the group decides where and when they will meet.

What about childcare?

Once again, every group is different.  There is the option to chip in and get a babysitter together as a group.  There is the option for everyone to make separate arrangements for childcare and meet together without children.  There is an option to meet at a child friendly place for groups consisting of parents.  There are many possibilities.  A group has even taken all of the children together to a movie with one designated child watcher while everyone else meets at a McDonald’s down the street.  There are many possibilities and each group decides the best way to do it.

What do groups study?

You will notice a pattern forming here, because once again, this is a decision that the group makes for itself.  There is no required curriculum.  There are many options.  For example, they can follow along with the current sermon series, study a book of the Bible, a book study, or anything else.

How do I sign up?

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