Jesus is Closer than you Think

As we begin to look forward to the birth of Jesus, we also look forward to the return of Jesus.  Jesus appeared in the first century when we least expected it.  He will appear next time in the same way.  In fact, he appears in our lives now when we least expect it.  We never know when he is coming!

Not only do we not know when he is coming, but we don’t appreciate how close he already is!  When he was born the people of the first century had no idea how close he was to them.  The same is true in today’s world.  we never realize how close he is to us.  Jesus is as close to us right now as he could possibly be.  It doesn’t matter if it is Christmas time or not!

Are you overwhelmed by the holidays?  This December, be overwhelmed by Jesus instead!  He is closer than you think!  Come and meet him with us, at Westland!