Easter at Westland

Will you join us for Easter?  We would love for you to be our guest.  On this page you will find all that you need to know about Easter at Westland Church.  Here are the questions that you’re probably asking.

Which service should I attend?

We will have Easter services at 8:30 and 10:30.  Both will be great, but ask yourself a couple of questions.  First, do you like modern music or do you like to hear hymns?  If you prefer modern music than the 8:30 service might be better for you.  Both services will have older hymns and current music blended together, because variety is our worship style at Westland, but at 8:30 it will be mostly modern, and at 10:30 there will be more traditional stuff added to the modern music.  At 8:30 our praise team will handle all of the music, whereas at 10:30 our praise team will handle some of it, but our choir will also add to it with hymns and other music.

Another thing to consider is how crowded you want the service to be.  Westland Church is used to worshiping at 10:30, so naturally, the 10:30 service will be more crowded because people are creatures of habit!  So if you like the energy that comes from being in a more crowded worship space then 10:30 might be a good choice for you, but if you like to know that you’ll have plenty of personal space, an easy time parking, and an easy way out afterwards, then 8:30 might be a good choice for you!  Of course, your plans for Easter morning and your lunch plans will also influence which service you want to attend!  Either way, both services will be awesome, and you can’t make a wrong choice!

What about children on Easter?

At both services our nursery will be filled with staff members and more volunteers than usual.  The nursery will be ready to take great care of any child 4 and under who you would like to sign in.  Our greeters will be happy to point you to the nursery when you arrive.

Also, we have “Kid’s Worship at both services for children four and up, as well as any 3 year olds who want to participate.  All children who want to go to kid’s worship will go to the sanctuary and sit with their parents or guardians at the beginning of worship.  After a couple of opening songs, the pastor will ask for all of the children to come to the front for children’s time.  After a brief message, all of the children who are interested, will leave together with volunteers for a kid’s lesson and play time!  Parents get to relax, and listen to the message, knowing that their children are well taken care of and are having fun.  They are returned to the sanctuary as a group later in the service.  You don’t have to bring them anywhere or pick them up.  Everything is done for you. Both our parents and our children love the way that we do kid’s worship because it lets the children see what “big church” is all about, but they don’t have to sit there for the entire service.  Of course, any child who doesn’t want to go to kid’s worship is welcome to stay with their parents in the sanctuary!

How should I dress on Easter?

The short answer is however you want.  We are a very casual church, but there will be some people dressed up because it’s Easter.  You will see some people in suits, but then you will see others in blue jeans and a t-shirt, and a bunch more somewhere in the middle.  Wear whatever works for you and whatever makes you comfortable!

What will the parking situation be like?  Do I need to get there early?

Our parking lot circles around the church.  It is spread out almost evenly around the building.  We have never had an issue with parking, but we are quickly growing and Easter is hard to predict.  At 8:30 you should be able to find a parking place with no problem regardless of when you get here.  At 10:30 you might want to arrive a few minutes early, but we do not anticipate any problems regardless.

We hope to see you Easter Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection and start to look at “The Case for Christ!”