Our Vision

Our goal is to change Lebanon by bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ one person at a time.  Person-by-person, believer-by-believer, we will work to make a difference in Lebanon for our Lord.  After bringing people to faith in Jesus, we will be God’s instruments in transforming them, equipping them for ministry, discovering their gifts, and sending them out into the world to make a difference.

Our Mission/Vision Statement

Our vision statement is:  We exist to find, teach, equip, and send out disciples for the glory of Jesus Christ.

There are four parts to this Mission.

1) FIND – We will do whatever it takes to find God’s children and bring them to faith in Jesus.  We will use personal evangelism, outreach, loving our neighbors, and prayer to find God’s lost children.  We will never stop striving to bring people to the Lord.  Whatever it takes, person-by-person, God-willing, we will reach hundreds, possibly thousands of people for Jesus.

2) TEACH – When people are found we will teach them.  We will be instruments for God to use to transform their lives.  We will preach boldly, we will disciple, we will worship, and we will integrate them into the fellowship.

3) EQUIP – As believers become disciples we will work to discover the spiritual gifts, graces, and talents that the person has been given by the Holy Spirit.  After identifying these gifts we will give the person the training that he or she needs to use those gifts.

4) SEND – Finally, as faithful, gifted disciples of Jesus Christ, we will place them in ministries that will bring glory to God.  These ministries could be feeding the poor, hospitality, worship, preaching, teaching, evangelism, caring for the sick, counseling, and on, and on, and on.

Making the vision a reality

A careful study of the New Testament shows that there are five purposes of the church.  These five purposes help turn the church’s vision into reality.  If any of these five are neglected a problem will present itself.  When all five areas are working in harmony God can do great things!

1) WORSHIP – Worship is where we go to celebrate what God has done in our lives.  It is where we prepare ourselves to walk with God for the rest of the week.  It is where we partake in the Sacraments and where we learn more about what God is asking us to do in the world.  Worship spiritually nourishes us.  Worship is more then music or a sermon.  It is our response to who God is.  To make our vision a reality we have to constantly work to make worship more meaningful and fulfilling.  We can never reach the point where we say it is good enough the way that it is.

2) EVANGELISM – One of the main themes of the New Testament is to, “Go and make disciples!”  At Westland we follow the Great Commission.  We will go wherever we need to go to meet people where they are in life.  It doesn’t matter what they look like, where they come from, what they have done in the past, or anything else.  We want to introduce more people to Jesus Christ.  We believe that the gift of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift you can ever give someone.  Person by person, one at a time, we will never stop trying to find people.

3) FELLOWSHIP – Fellowship is about doing life together.  It is about incorporating new believers into the life of the church.  While a church is continuing to teach, find people, and minister, there has to be a time to get to know one another, relax together, and love one another.  Part of our fellowship ministry involves making sure that we are hospitable to anyone who we come into contact with, whether it happens at church, or out in the community.

4) DISCIPLESHIP – It is also hard to read the New Testament and not get the picture of how important discipleship is.  Discipleship covers children’s ministry, youth ministry, adult ministry, and beyond.  Learning never ends.

5) MINISTRY – Ministry is about giving our gifts and time back to God.  When the other four areas of the church are working properly ministry should be the result.  This area is about sharing Christ’s compassion for others.  It can be as broad as overseas missions and as local as painting the fence next door.  It is planting new churches and feeding the hungry.  It is visiting the sick, and counseling the troubled.  Like the other four purposes, ministry can never be neglected.

You can see that when all five of these areas are working at full strength a church will flourish.  We constantly check to make sure that one of the five is not being neglected.  Keeping these five areas strong will help us accomplish our vision statement:

We exist to find, teach, equip, and send out disciples for the glory of Jesus Christ.