5) Minister

The final step is to become a minister for Christ.  If you look at the life of the disciples they followed these steps.  They started out as observers where they watched Christ.  Then they became members of a small group.  Together, they learned how to become more Christ-like.  Finally, they went out into the world to become ministers.  The Bible does not give us many details of their later lives, but from what we do know, we can say that they used their individual gifts to serve and minister in the name of Christ.  That path is the same path that is offered to all of us.

It is important to explain that becoming a minister does not mean that you are going to seminary and becoming a pastor!  All Christians are called to be ministers.  All believers participate in ministry in some way.  The Holy Spirit has given us gifts for ministry.  There is a place for all of us to serve.  Here are just a few of the ministries that you might be gifted for.

1) Children or youth ministry — Are you good with children or youth?  Do you feel called to help young people discover Christ?  If so, this is an excellent place to serve and to make a difference in people’s lives.  You can MINISTER to the future of our church.

2) Worship ministry — Do you play an instrument?  Can you sing?  Are you a good public speaker?  Do you have ideas about worship?  Do you feel called to help worship become better than it already is?  If so, this could be a place for you to MINISTER and serve God.

3) Visitation ministry — Many churches wrongfully think that the pastor is the one who is called to take care of everyone.  They insist that he is at nursing homes, hospitals, and houses all day.  Then they wonder why it sounds like he or she didn’t put much work into the sermon that week!  And Then they wonder why the church is not growing when he spends all of his time visiting existing members!  This is not the way that it was meant to be.  Christians are called to take care of each other.  If you have the gift of listening, praying with others, and consider yourself a people person, then this ministry might be a wonderful place for you to serve.  These are important gifts that are needed in every church.  You can MINISTER to people in the church who need it and powerfully serve God.

4) Outreach ministry — Do you have a desire to reach others for Christ?  Do you want to spread the Good News?  Are you creative?  Do you have a lot of ideas of how the church can reach others?  If so, you are probably being called to outreach ministry.  This ministry focuses on evangelism, church growth, and bringing people to Jesus.  You can MINISTER to others by introducing them to Jesus Christ.

5) Fellowship/Hospitality — Do you like to plan events?  Are you good at recruiting others to be involved?  Do you have ideas of how the church can get to know each other better?  Do you have ideas on how to make the church more hospitable?  If so, you might have the gift of hospitality.  This might be a great place for you to MINISTER to observers and create events for owners to enjoy.

6) Discipleship ministry — Do you feel called to teach others?  Do you want to lead groups of Christians as they explore the Bible?  If so, you might have the teaching gift.  This is another important way to MINISTER to your fellow Christians.

7) Mission Ministry – Do you have a heart for those who are suffering?  Do you feel called to help those who are homeless, hungry, or needy?  If so, we have many ministries that could use your help.  You can MINISTER to people who are in need.

There are many other areas.  Basically, there is something for everyone.  There is a way for every disciple of Christ to serve God at Westland.  We simply need to find the right fit for you.  Please contact the pastor to set up a time to discuss a place where you might be willing to serve and become a minister for Christ.  Do not put it off!  Get involved today.