4) Disciple

You have visited, been baptized, and become an owner, so the next step is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.  We help people become disciples at Westland through our small group ministry.  Worship at Westland is nourishing, meaningful, thought-provoking, and many other things, but the Christian life is meant to be lived out with others in a more interactive kind of way.  Worship is a place where all of the small groups come together to celebrate God.

Ever wonder why Jesus taught in a small group?  He chose twelve people and invested in those twelve.  He could have simply held large services, and taught the crowd, but he asked a few people to join with Him in a small group.  Together, they tried to hold each other accountable, taught each other, ministered together, learned together, and were there during each other’s darkest moments.  The plan of Jesus was not an accident.  To really transform you need a group to keep pushing you forward.

Groups keep us accountable, they provide us with Christian friendship and support, and give us others to learn with.  The Bible is a huge book and we need others to keep us motivated to keep learning it.  Groups participate in service activities together, enjoy social outings together, study the Bible, pray for each other, and look in on each other when life events occur.  Contact the pastor to talk about what group might be right for you.