3) Owner

Members have rights, but owners have responsibilities!

At Westland we have owners and not members.  Members of organizations are members because there are certain things that they expect to get in return for their membership dues.  For example, if you are a member of the YMCA you expect to buy certain privileges such as swimming and lifting weights.  You don’t take ownership of the YMCA, nothing there is your responsibility, but you pay your dues, swipe your card, and enjoy the amenities.  Owners are different.  As an owner, you ARE THE CHURCH.  God gives us a great responsibility.  You are not there to swipe your card, and enjoy an amenity, but are a part of its operation, its ministry, and its attempt to change the world.  You have a role to play.  Ever think about how awesome that is?

The question is sometimes asked:  Why become an owner?  Why not just attend services each week indefinitely?  The answer is Christianity is meant to be lived out in a local church!  Jesus never intended for us to live this life by ourselves.  The New Testament teaches us that followers of Christ should fellowship together, hold each other accountable, be there for each other when needed, and help each other learn.  There is nothing in the New Testament that promotes individual Christianity.  In fact, after the Gospels, almost the entire New Testament is focused on the building of the church!  It is about believers getting together to help each other live their lives as believers!  You can’t hold the Bible as the Word of God and believe that church is not important!  Therefore, we believe that every Christ-follower should belong to a local church and take ownership of that church, whether that is at Westland, or somewhere else.  Visiting is great, and you can be our guest as long as you need to be, but sooner or later Christ asks for a commitment.  Christ asks for you to take ownership in His church.  At Westland, ownership includes serving, giving and participating in biblical community.

At Westland we offer short ownership classes where you’ll learn the basics behind the vision and values of Westland.  At ownership class we will show you what the New Testament teaches us about church.  This class is personally taught by the pastor.  At the end of the class you’ll have an opportunity to become an owner of Westland.

Contact the pastor at tim@westlandchurch.com if you would like to talk about becoming an owner.