2) Baptism

For observers who are ready to make a commitment, and have not been baptized in the past, baptism is the next step in the process.  If you have already been baptized then feel free to skip this page and move on to ownership.  The Bible teaches us that Baptism is the next step after making a commitment to Christ and there is no reason to put it off until the end of a membership class.  When people in the New Testament made the decision to give their lives to Christ they were not told to first go to a class, but were baptized on the spot.  On Pentecost alone 3,000 people were immediately baptized.  If the Holy Spirit moves you to make a commitment you should be baptized as soon as it can be scheduled, preferably, on the next Sunday!  Then, as soon as you are baptized you should immediately move on to the ownership step.

Here are some frequently asked questions about baptism at Westland.

1) Why should I be baptized?  —  Well, most importantly. . . .because Jesus commanded it and we take His commands seriously!  Jesus only made a few direct commands to us and baptism is one of them.  Baptism is also a way to publicly demonstrate that you are a believer, and to follow the example set forth by Christ Himself when He was baptized.  It is an outward sign of inward grace.  It is a symbol that you have been forgiven and been given life anew with Jesus Christ.

2) Who should be baptized? —  Baptism is the first step of obedience after making a decision to follow Christ.  Since Jesus commands baptism being baptized is the first sign that you are being obedient to Him in your life.  So the answer is everyone should be baptized who commits to Jesus Christ.

2) What about children? — There is a lot of debate in denominations and churches of when children should be baptized.  We believe that a child of any age can be baptized, as long as the parent(s) or guardian(s) makes the commitment to raise the child in the Christian faith.  However, if someone prefers to wait until the child can make the decision on his or her own we respect those wishes.

If you have other questions about baptism or would like to schedule a baptism please contact the pastor at tim@westlandchurch.com or call him at 615-430-6817