10:30 Morning Worship

The keyword for worship at Westland is variety!  Many churches separate people based on styles or preferences, (which a lot of times comes down to age,) but we don’t do that.  We believe in worshiping God in different ways.  On any given Sunday you might hear a choir, a contemporary musical set, hymns, hand bells, organs, guitars, other instruments, or any combination of those things.  Every Sunday is different and unique.  Most churches have a routine every Sunday morning that they do over and over again, but we work hard to keep worship from becoming routine.  We don’t believe in a set schedule that you do 52 weeks a year.  We blend contemporary and traditional together, but not in the “canned” way.  We just go to where we feel like God is guiding us on that particular week.

On Easter, worship will be a little different, click here to find out how:  Easter at Westland